ActivityPub Requirements Cohort 2

Last month I published "Introducing ActivityPub Requirements Testing Cohort 1" suggesting a small initial cohort of requirements from the ActivityPub specification to focus on testing first.

I chose easy to test requirements for these early cohorts so we can focus on designing the testing ecosystem and not in the weeds of the most complicated imaginable tests.

Now it's time to aim our sights just a little higher and name a second cohort of requirements.

Cohort 2 Requirements

The following 3 requirements are in Cohort 2

  1. The outbox MUST be an OrderedCollection aka 003a3be2-fb58-4812-a3a3-795067254327
  2. outbox servers must return a 201 Created HTTP code after accepting an activity at an outbox aka 3b925cdf-89fe-4f51-b41f-26df23f58e0c
  3. The inbox MUST be an OrderedCollection aka 4edf6768-c751-448f-96ac-4ef44cb4291f

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