Now Featuring /questions

Sometimes I like to ask the internet for help or poll a lot of people and compare and contrast all the disparate answers. For that purpose, I've added a new section to this site, /questions.

The first question is "What is the most 'Pythonic' web library?". Recently I have just been learning raw-WSGI, which can sometimes be ugly. I recently read about WebOb, and it looks like a nice, small way of encapsulating some of the helper functions I've already had to make. But there are so many other options! Which have you found to be most helpful?

I'll do my best to mark up these questions in a machine-readable way. This first one includes RDFa indicating that it is an as:Question.

There is no affordance right now to create a response to this question that is hosted on this site. As an alternative, I encourage you to post your response somewhere else, a link back to the question with an in-reply-to relation. If you webmention, my provider ought to catch the response and hold onto it for me until I can render them with the questions in the future. In the future, I also hope to list questions there that others have asked of me.

Thanks in advance for all your answers and help in the future!